the worlds most high performing and beautiful charcoal oven

Created in London and hand-built in Kent, Harrison is an oven unlike any other. It is an extremely high performing, charcoal oven that can also use wood. As such it can bring to the creative chef a breadth of cooking styles - from cold-smoking and ultra-low temperatures, through to a searing intensity of heat for very fast cooking.

Cooking with a Harrison oven adds a wonderful, smoky note to dishes whilst it’s considered engineering seals-in flavour and moisture. But even beyond its cooking capabilities, a Harrison Oven is a beautiful piece of furniture that can add sophistication to the most stunning homes and gardens in the world. It is also portable, so can be used inside and out.

Using solid fuels in all their forms, the Harrison oven is proving to be the best professional charcoal oven on the market.

  • Heats of 300+ degrees celsius mean super-fast cooking times
  • Thick stainless steel insualtion creates exceptional moisture and flavour enhancement
  • Refined and controllable
  • Extremley robust and built to last in the most challenging ennvironments

  • Dimensions of chamber designed for low fuel consumption - as little as 3kg of charcoal per service
  • Stunning aesthetics are perfect for adding theatre to open kitchens
  • Light enough to be easily transported outside for special events and mobile catering

This beautiful charcoal oven is made to order by hand, which gives it a theatricality and character that to really understand, you have to also understand the craftsman behind the Harrison and the engineering skills he puts into building each oven.


Harrison Ovens at Temper London

Neil Rankin's Temper restaurants are unique BBQ and open fire pit restaurants with a focus on cooking everything in front of their customers eyes using only wood and charcoal in their huge open kitchen fire pits.  Temper's charcoal ovens take centre stage, so the stunning Harrison Ovens are the perfect choice for aesthetics and performance at this extremely successful and ground-breaking restaurant chain.





Corrigan's Mayfair

Virginia Park Lodge


Cavan, Ireland

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Ravintola Werner - Open Grill Restaurant


werner logo.jpg

The Crown at Mickleton

Gastro Pub, County Durham


 Crown at Mickleton

“The Harrison oven is simple in how it works. The complicated bit is how it works so well.”

Daniel Thumwood - Designer & Maker, Harrison

 Harrison Oven customised for Ben Crittenden

Harrison Oven customised for Ben Crittenden