Apart from the beautiful, classic look and minimal kitchen footprint of The Harrison Charcoal Oven, there are many other benefits to the creative chef, which is why Harrison Charcoal Ovens are quickly becoming the most aspirational piece of kitchen equipment on the market:



The Harrison Charcoal Oven can achieve heats of 300°C + in as little as half and hour This means that steaks and pizzas take just a few minutes, flatbreads and vegetables less than 60 seconds and whole ducks or chickens can be roasted in less than 30 minutes.


Although the oven chamber gets very hot, the insulation in the door and walls means that the heat doesn’t escape out into the kitchen, which makes the Harrison a far more pleasant kitchen companion than other charcoal ovens or open grills.


The engineering of the Harrison charcoal oven means that heat has four ways of getting into your food;

  • Convection

  • Conduction

  • Radiation

  • Direct heat.

Unlike open or ceramic grills which only use direct heat; the thick, insulated stainless steel walls of The Harrison radiate heat from the embers, which creates an even, intense heat-source that locks-in and enhances moisture and flavour.


Harrison Ovens-4409.jpg


The very British, refined engineering of the Harrison oven enables complete control over temperature, which empowers the creative chef to produce exquisite cuisine with precision. This controllability is the key ingredient in Harrison’s versatility,


From searing to roasting; baking to slow-cooking, hot smoking to cold smoking - everything that a conventional oven can do is achievable in the Harrison charcoal oven and more - but faster, with more moisture retention and an optional smoky note.

Furthermore, the temperature on top of the oven is perfect to rest steak, heat sauces and keep dishes warm during service.

Harrison Ovens are top notch, handcrafted quality and the whole buying process is detailed and thorough. The communication was spot on. I highly recommend these beautiful ovens.
— Jenn Walker - Del Frisco Restaurant Group - USA
Harrison charcoal ovens robust


Each Harrison charcoal oven is handmade to order and built to last a lifetime. The simple but clever design of the oven means that there are not many moving parts, so very little maintenance is required - what adjustments are needed can be made within minutes with the use of a simple allen key (supplied).

Made of thick, high grade stainless steel; the Harrison Charcoal Oven can tolerate the most challenging of kitchen environments and, if used in only in the private home or garden, can be handed down through generations of creative cooks.


The Harrison charcoal oven’s ground-breaking design makes it the most economical on fuel-consumption on the market. The insulation and chamber dimensions mean that it is possible to run a full service on only 3kg of charcoal - that’s about £5 per service - 40% less charcoal consumption than an open grill.

Harrison Ovens are committed to sustainability and always advise our customers to use charcoal that is 100% sustainable from local forests. The most consistent of which we have found is from The Oxford Charcoal Company.

harrison charcoal oven ECONOMICAL ON FUEL

harrison ovens dining event


Weighing only 100kg, a Harrison charcoal oven can be easily transported anywhere. The optional wheeled cabinet has very sturdy wheels to enable the oven to be moved around the kitchen or wheeled outside for special summer events.


The size, weight and rust-proof outer also makes The Harrison a fantastic choice for food trucks and mobile catering - the perfect solution for outdoor kitchens, pop-ups, festivals, weddings, and any outdoor dining events.


The Harrison Charcoal Oven is as exceptionally beautiful to look at as it is high-performing.

Whether in an open kitchen or the gardens of a beautiful home or boutique hotel, a Harrison will beguile your guests and add a sense of theatre to any dining event it attends.

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With a Harrison you have an oven that has been built with functionality in mind, crafted individually by a perfectionist, and engineered to the highest standards possible.

Daniel Thumwood is an engineer and welder with a creative edge. A love of food, fascination with cooking over charcoal, and his general inventiveness are what led to him wanting to see if it were even possible to create an oven like this. There was nothing like it around - and still isn’t.  That first oven took Daniel 3 years of creative and technical development. Almost as soon as it was finished it began to gather professional and consumer interest globally. The Harrison was born.

“Function comes first - aesthetic is what then comes from that.”  One of the striking things about the Harrison is how since that first oven, Daniel has evolved its beautiful, robustly stylish look from its functionality. All around the workshop are hand-drawn designs and measurements scribbled on workbenches that tell the story of how the Harrison grew out of Daniel’s head and hands.

Originally based in South West London, the Harrison workshop is now established near the coast in Kent. Daniel’s father, George (also an engineer, creator, and partner in the Harrison business) has his workshop next door. Upstairs is the design studio and a working kitchen with a stainless-steel Harrison ’S’. Downstairs is the workshop where each Harrison is individually built by hand.

Daniel Thumwood; designer, maker of the Harrison Charcoal Oven
Daniel Thumwood making the Harrison Charcoal Oven
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From there - on a workbench top that is the door of a disused, huge metal safe - Dan constructs each oven from the inside out, using 64 British components. In Dan’s hands each oven is individually invested with integrity.  The ovens are built to be cooked with inside or outdoors - indoor installation only means ensuring there is enough extraction.

When the Harrison arrives with each customer it begins to develop a character in tune with that of its chef. Cooking with a Harrison oven is, ultimately, an experience you share with it. That comes in part from the earthy connection of seeing and feeling live embers in the oven’s floor. It is in the pleasure of creating dishes with the flavour and texture of being cooked over solid-fuel. It is the knowledge that with a Harrison you have an oven of authentic craftsmanship, built individually by a perfectionist with the highest values of quality.