We are working with forestry activists 9Trees to reduce the impact of charcoal production on our precious forests

9Trees is a non-profit organisation created to help individuals and businesses balance their carbon footprint. Their aim is simple: plant biodiverse woodlands and hundreds of thousands of trees across the UK in order to mitigate climate change as a community.

The UK is no stranger to deforestation. Over hundreds of years, our countryside has been stripped of its trees to make way for agriculture and industry. 9Trees is reversing this by recreating forests for future generations to enjoy.

9trees log and Harrison Ovens logo
Two members of the 9trees team planting a tree

How they work

9Trees understands that a zero carbon lifestyle isn’t within research for most of us currently and so have offered a carbon offsetting solution:

  • They work with individuals and businesses planting from 1-10,000 trees.
  • Their aim is to plant 9 trees per person per year creating new woodland across England and Wales.
  • They geolocate the woodlands (which you can visit!).
  • They ensure that the new trees are connected to and support local biodiversity.
  • They continue to conserve and manage the woodland as it grows.

By doing this, they are not only helping the planet, they are also creating jobs and skills within rural areas by bringing communities together, engaging volunteers and creating countryside jobs. This isn’t just about balancing our carbon footprint, it is about supporting wildlife and creating beautiful woodlands for our future generations to enjoy.

9Trees founder Michael Cunningham with Harrison Ovens founder Dan Thumwood
9Trees founder Michael Cunningham with Harrison Ovens founder Dan Thumwood.

Our Pledge

At Harrison Ovens, we are vitally aware of the environmental impact that charcoal production has on the planet. The traditional methods of making charcoal lead to high carbon emissions and mass deforestation - particularly in the developing world.

Whilst we are conscious of the impact that this resource has on the environment, it remains a vital component in ensuring our ovens perform to an elite standard. We have continued to recommend using sustainably sourced, local charcoal to all of our customers, but as a company we know that the onus is on us - not the individual - to make a difference.

We have therefore partnered with 9Trees to work towards balancing Harrison Ovens’ and our customers’ carbon footprints.

What we’ll do

Harrison Ovens have pledged to plant three trees for each oven purchased. We will work with the 9Trees initiative to balance our footprint over the coming years. This is the perfect way to ensure that our valued customers can enjoy high-performing charcoal ovens, without compromising their carbon footprint.