Recipes and Cooking Techniques

Spelt banana bread baked in a Harrison Charcoal Oven

Baked Spelt Banana Bread

12 December 2021

The beauty of cooking in a Harrison charcoal oven is the intensity of heat created, which has many different effects on ingredients. The Harrison Oven Spelt Banana Bread recipe is unique, as the sugar creates an almost toffee-like coating around the bread, due the the way the heat radiates from the walls of this incredible charcoal oven.

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Faggot cooked in a Harrison Charcoal Oven. Recipe by Daniel Thumwood.

Sexing Up the Faggot

5 September 2020

A guide to cooking the modern faggot in a charcoal oven by Daniel Thumwood – founder, designer and maker of Harrison Ovens.

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Ben Crittenden of STARK

Ben Crittenden’s Harrison Smoked Wasabi Beef

4 September 2020

See The Good Food Guide's Chef to Watch 2017, Ben Crittenden of Stark create his current signature dish of Smoked Beef with Wasabi and Beetroot in his brand new Harrison 'S'. Ben is in the running for a Michelin Star this year and we have every confidence he's got it in the bag.

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Beer bread by Mr Hari Covert

How to Make Beer Bread by Mr Hari Covert

21 August 2020

Underground supper club patron Mr Hari Covert came over to HHQ to try his famous bear bread recipe in a charcoal oven. The results were sublime. This very quick and simple bread is so moorish, Hari’s guests are always coming back for more.

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Roast teriyaki salmon, cooked in a Harrison Oven

Salmon Teriyaki With Pickled and Cooked Vegetables

15 August 2020

To celebrate the delivery of Harrison's first ever oven to be used in a Japanese restaurant, Koji, London, we asked our friend Annie Nichols - chef, food stylist, food writer, artist and photographer to come over to Harrison HQ and have a play with a classic Japanese dish in our Harrison Classic.

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Mammi (Finnish Easter pudding) baked in a Harrison Oven

Mammi – Finnish Easter Pudding

11 August 2020

To celebrate shipping the first Harrison Oven to The Nordics to Restaurant Werner in Helsinki, the largest open grill restaurant in Finland, we asked Chef, food writer, food stylist, artist and photographer Annie Nichols to come up with a truly Finnish recipe.

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