The Harrison at Home Outdoor Oven Range

A Charcoal Oven Range for Outdoor Kitchens With a Flavour of Professional Cuisine

For years, Harrison have been commissioned to make charcoal ovens for the finest Michelin-starred restaurants, culinary masters like Jason Atherton and Yotam Ottolenghi and the designers of the world’s most impressive super yachts. These incredible ovens are also available for the home chef and are to be found in the most exquisite outdoor kitchens in the world.

Fuelled with charcoal and kissed with smoke, food cooked in a Harrison Oven boasts exceptional moisture retention and is imparted with a distinctive flavour profile that is only possible when cooking with solid fuel.

Marrying function with beautiful aesthetics, a Harrison adds theatre to every dining event it attends. All models in the Harrison at Home range have been designed to enable the home chef to develop an instinctive understanding of how to create exquisite, restaurant-quality cuisine with little effort.

The Harrison Atom

The Complete Outdoor Kitchen

The first of its kind, the Harrison Atom is a charcoal oven, a plancha, a hotplate and a hob. This innovative design enables multiple cooking techniques simultaneously.

From £4,750 £5,700 inc. VAT

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The Harrison Classic

The Groundbreaking Charcoal Oven

With its iconic looks, high performance and beautiful proportions, the Classic is the original Harrison Oven.

From £7,000 £8,400 inc. VAT

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The Harrison Icon

Fire Innovation for the Home Chef That Likes to Entertain ‘BIG’

The ultimate charcoal oven for your outdoor kitchen, this powerful, double-chambered oven promotes creativity through its unrivalled versatility.

From £10,000 £12,000 inc. VAT

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The Harrison Summit Outdoor Cooking Suite

The Pinnacle of Design, Performance and Quality

This excessively high-spec outdoor cooking suite seamlessly integrates all of our oven models, as well as housing a built-in charcoal pit, which offers a myriad of grillng options including a plancha / griddle and parilla style cooking.

From £9,750 £11,700 inc. VAT

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Harrison Bespoke

Create Your Perfect Harrison Oven

As our Charcoal Ovens are all unique and handmade to order, we are able to offer our clients a range of bespoke options. Use our colour selection tool to create the perfect oven to suit your style.

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An Introduction to Harrison Ovens

With Harrison Ovens founder Daniel Thumwood

I’m possibly a tougher crowd than the usual for pizza, so I’ve been making my own, thanks to a Harrison Oven: the Rolls-Royce of wood-fired ovens, made with love and an eye for engineering beauty. I’ve been turning out light, airy-cornicioned numbers with pleasing blistering and perfect chew.

Marina O’Loughlin, Restaurant Critic – The Sunday Times