The Harrison Atom

The Complete Outdoor Kitchen

The first of its kind, the Harrison Atom is a charcoal oven, a plancha, a hotplate and a hob. This innovative design enables multiple cooking techniques simultaneously.

From £4,750 (£5,700 inc. VAT)

Created specifically with the home chef in mind, this ingenious design is like having three appliances in one – all charcoal fuelled for that distinctive smoky note and cooking speed.

Like all Harrison Ovens products, the Harrison Atom is handcrafted to last, waterproof and can be transported around on an optional wheeled cabinet.

Using only one source of heat from the oven, the home chef is able to:

  • Roast, grill, steam and bake in the oven
  • Sear or fry on the plancha or hotplate
  • Boil, fry, heat up, steam and sauté in a pan using the hob

Imagine waking up and going outside to fire up your Atom to cook breakfast for the family. For lunch, you could grill fresh fish and vegetables, then invite some friends over in the evening for an alfresco dinner of perfect Spanish tapas dishes.

Like all Harrison Ovens, the Atom is handmade to order and can be customised to suit any taste.

The Harrison Atom oven The Harrison Atom oven

The Oven

The oven chamber is the burning heart of the Harrison Atom, fuelling not only the oven but the hob and plancha, too.

Heat is retained in the walls and roof of the chamber, creating an even temperature throughout. The Atom comes with two cooking shelves as standard.

The Harrison Atom plancha The Harrison Atom plancha

The Plancha

Made in 6mm thick stainless steel, the Harrison Atom’s plancha has been designed to incorporate a hot spot for searing food quickly before cooking through.

Once you have a good, hot fire going in the oven, the hot spot can be found just above the hob aperture.

The plancha has a handle on each side for effortless removal and an oil trap for easy cleaning.

The Harrison Atom hob The Harrison Atom hob

The Hob

Below the removable plancha you will find the Harrison Atom’s ingenious hob, which incorporates a hotplate and pan aperture.

Designed to take a pan or wok, once you have a good heat in the oven chamber you can use a pan on the aperture to fry, boil or make sauces, or a wok to stir-fry.

The Harrison Atom… couture cooking for the serious home chef.

The Sunday Times

…could anything be more magnificent than this outdoor charcoal oven featuring a plancha, hotplate and a hob?

The Financial Times - How to Spend It
  • The chimney
  • Temperature gauge
  • The hinge
  • Handle
  • Door
  • Air vent
  • Ashtray
  • Wheeled cabinet
  • The plancha
  • The hob
  • Two drawers for cooking utensils
  • A large drawer to store charcoal and wood
The Harrison Atom oven unit
The Harrison Atom oven unit

From £4,750
(£5,700 inc. VAT)

Optional wheeled cabinet for The Harrison Atom
Optional wheeled cabinet

From £935
(£1,122 inc. VAT)

The Harrison Classic oven with bespoke mustard panels
The Harrison Classic oven with bespoke sage panels
The Harrison Classic oven with bespoke parrot fish panels
The Harrison Classic oven with bespoke borsch panels
The Harrison Classic oven with bespoke fig panels
The Harrison Classic oven with bespoke corten panels

Create Your Perfect Harrison Oven

As our Charcoal Ovens are all unique and handmade to order, we are able to offer our clients a range of bespoke options. Use our colour selection tool to create the perfect oven to suit your style.

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Oven unit (W × D × H) mm
600 × 600 × 400
Oven unit + ashtray + chimney (W × D × H) mm
600 × 600 × 720
Oven unit + cabinet + ashtray + chimney (W × D × H) mm
600 × 600 × 1,300
Cabinet with ashtray (inc. handles) (W × D × H) mm
580 × 510 × 740
Cabinet without ashtray (W × D × H) mm
580 × 510 × 600
112.5kg (140kg with cabinet)
Standard package
Oven unit, ashtray, 2 cooking racks, plancha, hotplate, hob
Suitable accessories
Skewer rack
Internal cooking area (W × D × H) mm
410 × 380 × 230
Dispose of hot ashes in approved metal container. Use CO2 detector indoors.
Exhaust requirements
If using indoors see extraction section of our technical page
Materials – main body
Stainless steel 304 grade
Materials – charcoal racks
Mild steel
Materials – cooking shelves
Stainless steel 316 grade
Materials – coloured areas
Vitreous (glass) enamel
The Harrison Atom oven and ashtray
Top view of The Harrison Atom hob aperture
Top view hob aperture
Top view of The Harrison Atom with plancha
Top view plancha aperture