The Harrison Summit Outdoor Cooking Suite

The Pinnacle of Design, Performance and Quality

This excessively high-spec outdoor cooking suite seamlessly integrates all of our oven models, as well as housing a built-in charcoal pit, which offers a myriad of grilling options including a plancha / griddle and parilla style cooking.

The Harrison Summit Outdoor Cooking Suite Please note: oven not included with The Summit, shown for illustrative purposes only.

Elevate your outdoor cooking with this remarkable union of charcoal oven and open grill cooking. Much like our world-renowned charcoal ovens, The Summit is the ultimate in outdoor cooking innovation.

Inspired by the sleek curves of an Airstream trailer, using the captivating geometry of an inverted trapezoid,The Summit is meticulously fashioned from 300 kilograms of premium, hand-brushed stainless steel.

The Summit stands as a testament to our unwavering commitment to exceptional craftsmanship and our combined 50 years of expertise in heat transference through metal.

The Summit is more than a mere outdoor kitchen unit. It is a culinary journey that transcends the ordinary, infusing your creations with a tantalizing allure that only the dance of fire and wood can provide.

As well a being an arresting, visual show-stopper The Summit also has some fantastic extra features.

Harrison Summit’s charcoal pit and grill Harrison Summit’s charcoal pit and grill

The Charcoal Pit Grill

Comes as standard

Ingeniously integrated into The Summit’s work surface, a charcoal pit amplifies the art of grilling with a multitude of options. A striking testament to culinary ingenuity, The Summit’s meticulous engineering ensures the retention of heat, to prevent the worksurface from succumbing to unwelcome scorching from the heat of the charcoal embers.

The Summit's charcoal pit comes with a removable, heavy, high grade, double height grill unit, for grilling directly onto the goals. Ideal for burgers, steaks or anything that requires intense direct heat and charred stripes.

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The Harrison Summit’s plancha / griddle The Harrison Summit’s plancha / griddle

Plancha / Griddle

£300 £360 inc. VAT

Made in 6mm thick stainless steel, the optional plancha can be placed on top of the standard grill and is the perfect option for searing delicate ingredients like vegetables and prawns, a fried breakfast or many spanish tapas dishes. The plancha has a handle on each side for effortless removal and an oil trap for easy cleaning.

The Harrison Summit’s grilling tower The Harrison Summit’s grilling tower The Harrison Summit’s grilling tower

The Grilling Tower & Fire Cage

£975 £1,170 inc. VAT

For those seeking to elevate their culinary adventures further, The Summit offers an optional grilling tower, enabling the introduction of wood-fired notes that add a whole new dimension to a wide range of cuisines.

With a distinctive, artfully constructed inverted ‘U’ shaped design, this highly innovative, high-grade stainless steel tower offers different grilling heights, which empowers the chef to cook with direct heat from the coals at different levels of intensity. Rather like an Argentinian parilla grill, but without the need for a wheel. The unique design of the tower utilises the same cooking shelves and skewer rack that fit into our ovens (please note: these are optional extras and are not supplied with the tower).

The fire cage offers the ability to introduce small logs and chunks of wood into the fuel source. As the wood smoulders and smoke gracefully billows behind the grills, an intensified symphony of smoky aromas permeates your ingredients, bestowing them with that exquisite wood-fired flavor when desired.

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I have been using a Harrison Icon in my new restaurant Kapara and I can honestly say it is my favourite piece of cooking equipment - until I used The Summit at The Chelsea Flower Show. The combination of the charcoal oven and the open grill allows endless creativity and cooks everything just perfectly.

Eran Tibi, Chef Patron and Creative Director – Kapara and Bala Baya Restaurants, London
  • Charcoal pit
  • Standard grill
  • Oven slot
  • Ashtray
  • Warming drawer
  • Large drawers
  • Removable skirt
  • Bars
  • Feet
The Harrison Summit Ourdoor Cooking Suite
The Harrison Summit Outdoor Cooking Suite

From £9,750
(£11,700 inc. VAT)

The Harrison Summit
The Harrison Summit with bespoke parrot fish panels
The Harrison Summit with bespoke venison panels
The Harrison Summit with bespoke allium panels
The Harrison Summit with bespoke corten panels
The Harrison Summit with bespoke mustard panels
The Harrison Summit with bespoke sage panels

Create Your Perfect Outdoor Cooking Suite

As our products are all unique and handmade to order, we are able to offer our clients a range of bespoke options. Use our colour selection tool to create the perfect Harrison Summit to suit your style.

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Unit width (top)
Unit width (bottom)
Unit height
Unit depth
Weight (approximate)
Standard package
Cooking Suite / standard grill, stainless steel finish
Optional Extras
Plancha, Grilling Tower, bespoke colour options, cover
Dispose of hot ashes in approved metal container. Use CO2 detector indoors.
Materials – main body
Stainless steel 304 grade
Materials – coloured areas
Vitreous (glass) enamel or corten steel
Dimensions of The Harrison Summit Outdoor Cooking Suite