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Each Harrison charcoal oven is handmade to order and built to last a lifetime. The simple but clever design of the oven means that there are not many moving parts, so very little maintenance is required - what adjustments are needed can be made within minutes with the use of a simple allen key (supplied).

Made of thick, high grade stainless steel; the Harrison Charcoal Oven can tolerate the most challenging of kitchen environments and, if used in only in the private home or garden, can be handed down through generations of creative cooks.


The Harrison charcoal oven’s ground-breaking design makes it the most economical on fuel-consumption on the market. The insulation and chamber dimensions mean that it is possible to run a full service on only 3kg of charcoal - that’s about £5 per service - 40% less charcoal consumption than an open grill.

Harrison Ovens are committed to sustainability and always advise our customers to use charcoal that is 100% sustainable from local forests. The most consistent of which we have found is from The Oxford Charcoal Company.

harrison charcoal oven ECONOMICAL ON FUEL

harrison ovens dining event


Weighing only 100kg, a Harrison charcoal oven can be easily transported anywhere. The optional wheeled cabinet has very sturdy wheels to enable the oven to be moved around the kitchen or wheeled outside for special summer events.


The size, weight and rust-proof outer also makes The Harrison a fantastic choice for food trucks and mobile catering - the perfect solution for outdoor kitchens, pop-ups, festivals, weddings, and any outdoor dining events.


The Harrison Charcoal Oven is as exceptionally beautiful to look at as it is high-performing.

Whether in an open kitchen or the gardens of a beautiful home or boutique hotel, a Harrison will beguile your guests and add a sense of theatre to any dining event it attends.

It’s build quality is far superior to other ovens we looked at and it’s ability to retain heat for a long time means it is an excellent service oven.
— Angela's Restaurant - Kent


In order to help our clients realise their ultimate kitchen goals, Harrison Ovens have partnered with the UK’s leading asset finance specialist to offer our customers an affordable, tax-efficient, flexible and easy solution to assist in the funding of all their Harrison Ovens purchases.

You can purchase a Harrison Charcoal Oven for as little as £130 per month*



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