Harrison ‘X’

The Harrison 'X' has been exclusively designed for the USA market and is NSF accredited. The top choice for the commercial kitchen or cutting-edge home design, the Harrison ‘X’ is made of pure, stainless steel, giving it a beautifully robust, industrial look along with exposed exterior metalwork bolts and strong, rounded handles. Design details have been thought through for every stage of cooking with a Harrison - from the etching of ‘Harrison’ into the steel floor of the inside doorframe as a bold, emphatic reminder of the calibre of the oven being used; to the temperature gauge which is reminiscent of the dial seen in a classic plane or car dashboard.

The Harrison oven unit comes with its own ashtray, to enable charcoal to be cleared easily, or to place a cold-smoking generator.

The Harrison ‘X’ also has an optional NSF approved stainless steel cabinet on wheels, to make transporting it from kitchen to outside space easy. The cabinet contains a large draw at the bottom to store charcoal, and two smaller drawers for utensils.

The Harrison ‘X’ Oven Unit

approximatley $8,000*


The Harrison 'X' Stainless Cabinet on Wheels