A GUIDE TO COOKING WITH CHARCOAL: Harrison Charcoal Oven Baked Camembert Infused With Coffee and Garlic

harrison charcoal oven baked camambert coffee garlic

The beauty of being a small, handmade charcoal oven brand is that, rather than being run by business people wanting to make lots of money, Harrison Ovens is run by foodies, who just want to make delicious food and incredible ovens to cook it in, to share with our many foodie and chef friends across the globe.

There is nothing we enjoy more than experimenting on our Harrison Charcoal Oven; the speed, the moisture retention and the fabulous smoky-note make it an extremely exciting way to cook for amateur and professional chefs alike.

This week, we have been inspired by the small, local, independent food and drink outlets we go to most weekends in our seaside hometown of Margate.

  1. Cliffs: Coffee shop, record store, yoga studio and hairdressers.   A fantastic community hub that has an on-site coffee roaster Curve coffee.
  2. Cheesy Tiger: This tiny café on Margate’s Harbour Arm specialises in cheese-based dishes, especially the warm, baked kind. Perfect after a windy walk on Margate Beach.
  3. Bottega Caruso: Handmade pasta and lots of yummy Italian imports, all incredibly delicious and very garlicky!

We decided to combine the wonderful flavour and aromas of these three favourite places and we came up with Harrison Charcoal Oven Baked Camembert infused with coffee and garlic. 


Harrison Charcoal Oven Baked Camembert with coffee and garlic infusion

Harrison Charcoal Oven Baked Camembert with coffee and garlic infusion

This is a seriously flavoursome dish for cheese, coffee and garlic lovers everywhere.

  1. We used Waitrose own baking camembert, which already comes in a ceramic, oven proof ramekin
  2. Fire Harrison up to 250 °C.
  3. Score a cross in the skin of the Camembert and lift the corners a little.
  4. Insert 2 x chopped garlic cloves and close up corners.
  5. Place on middle shelf of Harrison and cook for 8 mins until bubbling.
  6. Meanwhile make a double-shot of espresso or mix up some strong, good quality instant in an espresso-sized cup.
  7. Remove cheese from oven carefully and lift up corners carefully.
  8. Stir coffee into the molten cheese.

This flavour combination is incredible, it’s hot, creamy and very warming, with a cheesy, coffee, garlic and smoky aroma, the perfect accompaniment is a Harrison charcoal oven baked sourdough bread. Recipe coming soon…

For information about interesting things to do in Margate, Kent and the rest of the UK  https://www.your-rv-lifestyle.com/things-to-do-in-england.html