Virginia Park Lodge

After using his Harrison for eight months at his London restaurant and being so impressed with it’s performance, Richard Corrigan purchased another Harrison Oven for his hunting lodge estate, Virginia Park Lodge in Cavan, Ireland.  This estate is the creative and produce-driven hub of Richard Corrigan’s culinary world, and the natural location for his recently-delivered second Harrison Oven. Here, the Harrison S's speed of cooking and ability to bring out depth of flavours help showcase the very best of the the estate's organically grown vegetables and locally sourced meats.

The Lodge is a hive of activity with its gardens supplying seasonal produce for Bentley’s Oyster Bar and Corrigan’s of Mayfair (Richard’s two London based restaurants) as well as the Lodge's own kitchen. It also caters for weddings and special events throughout the year and it is the versatility of their Harrison oven that Richard knows will open up countless opportunities for head chef Eoin to impress and inspire. 

Their Harrison ‘S’ has made its mark as becoming indispensible and the focus of many special occasions at Virginia Park Lodge, both indoors and out.  Being easily portable between locations on its wheeled base unit, the Harrison has already been used away from the kitchens and in one of the greenhouses in Virginia Park’s stunning gardens. There it has added theatre to private dining events such as a lobster and steak dinner. Such a success, many more like it are being planned.

Andy Gosling