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Harrison is an oven company unlike any other, with our sole focus being on the individual production of the most beautiful, high-performing, solid-fuel ovens in the world.


All Harrison ovens are handmade by designer / maker Daniel Thumwood in his workshop in Kent, using only the finest British-sourced ingredients. This extraordinary oven runs on charcoal and wood in all it’s forms and has been specifically created to perform, inspire and innovate the most creative chefs, both professional and amateur alike.

This stunning piece of furniture has been designed and crafted to add a sense of theatre to the most elegant boutique hotels, homes and gardens in the world. The perfect showpiece for front-of-house cooking, a Harrison Oven makes professional and home entertaining an exceptional experience for your guests that they will remember for years to come.


Chef Richard Corrigan uses a Harrison Oven in his Mayfair restaurant and more recently, his hunting lodge in Ireland, which is testament to Harrison’s outstanding performance within the uncompromising arena of the multi Michelin-star kitchen.

“Good food, to me, is cooked with traditional solid-fuel methods, to create real fire, real smoke and – above all – real flavour”

Daniel Thumwood
Designer / Maker, Harrison Ovens