A considered accessories range to enhance and complement your Harrison Oven

Bespoke cover for Harrison Ovens

Harrison Ovens bespoke covers

From £250 + VAT

Although made from stainless steel, if left outside for long periods, we do recommend you protect your Harrison with a made-to-measure, weatherproof cover.

Made by a British maker, who specialises in covers for luxury yachts, our covers will protect your Harrison from anything the elements may throw at it, including salt erosion if near the sea.

Our covers are made to measure for each model, they fit perfectly around the handles and come in a long length for an oven on a cabinet or short lengths for an oven placed on a work surface.

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Skewer rack for Harrison ovens Skewer rack for Harrison ovens Skewer for Harrison ovens

Skewer rack

£275 + VAT

Bearing the Harrison logo, this unique, custom-made skewer rack has been designed to fit perfectly into all the ovens in the Harrison range.

The super heavy-duty 6mm square, stainless steel skewers are sturdy enough to hold anything from shish kebabs to whole chickens.

The logo plate on the front of the rack holds the skewers in place and prevents them from sliding off during cooking.

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Pizza stone for Harrison ovens

Pizza stone

£55 + VAT

Made of the ultra heat-resistant mineral cordierite, our pizza stones ensure a constant high temperature for baking breads and pizzas and are the optimum size to use in a Harrison Oven.

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Cooking shelf for Harrison ovens

Cooking shelves

£255 + VAT

Handmade in restaurant-grade stainless steel, Harrison’s cooking shelves incorporate 6mm stainless steel bars which gives them incredible heat retention properties. Each bar has a rolling action which allows the chef to slide food easily on and off the shelves.

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Harrison apron

Harrison apron

£155 + VAT

Harrison have teamed up with luxury workwear designers Risdon & Risdon to create an apron that has the same priorities of design and quality as the ovens.

These aprons are made from sturdy 12oz black denim with full grain brown leather, hand-finished straps and a double-pocket front for practicality.

Machine washable (once the leather straps and metal rivets have been removed). The Harrison aprons proudly bear our logo and name.

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