The Harrison ‘S’

The Original Professional Charcoal Oven

The top choice for the small to medium-sized professional kitchen or larger restaurants that only use a charcoal oven for part of their menu.

From £7,000 (£8,400 inc. VAT)

The Harrison ‘S’ is made of pure stainless steel, giving it a beautifully robust, industrial look along with exposed exterior metalwork bolts and strong, rounded handles, making it the perfect showpiece for front-of-house cooking.

Design details have been thought through for every stage of cooking with a Harrison – from the etching of ‘Harrison’ into the steel floor of the inside doorframe as a bold, emphatic reminder of the calibre of the oven being used, to the temperature gauge which is reminiscent of the dial seen in a classic plane or car dashboard.

The Harrison oven unit comes with two cooking racks, a drip tray and its own ashtray, to enable charcoal to be cleared easily. The Harrison ‘S’ also has an optional stainless steel cabinet on wheels, for seamless portability. The cabinet contains a large drawer at the bottom to store charcoal, and two smaller drawers for utensils.

It is the knowledge that, with a Harrison, you have an oven of authentic craftsmanship, built individually with the highest values of quality.

  • The chimney
  • Temperature gauge
  • The hinge
  • Handle
  • Door
  • Air vent
  • Ashtray
  • Wheeled cabinet
  • Two drawers for cooking utensils
  • A large drawer to store charcoal and wood
The Harrison Classic oven unit
The Harrison ‘S’ oven unit

From £7,000
(£8,400 inc. VAT)

Optional wheeled cabinet for The Harrison ‘S’
Optional wheeled cabinet

From £935
(£1,122 inc. VAT)

I have been a chef owner for 38 years and in my opinion this is a lovely, remarkable piece of equipment that packs a punch which is much greater than the sum of its parts. No electricity, no gas just pure wood-fire simplicity - couldn't be better.

Chef Patron Mark Barnett , Mao Tai & Koji Restaurants, London


Oven unit (W × D × H) mm
600 × 600 × 600
Oven unit + ashtray + chimney (W × D × H) mm
600 × 600 × 945
Oven unit + cabinet + ashtray + chimney (W × D × H) mm
600 × 600 × 1,545
Cabinet with ashtray (inc. handles) (W × D × H) mm
580 × 510 × 740
Cabinet without ashtray (W × D × H) mm
580 × 510 × 600
128.5kg (156kg with cabinet)
Standard package
Oven unit, ashtray, 2 cooking racks
Suitable accessories
Skewer rack
Internal cooking area (W × D × H) mm
410 × 380 × 380
Dispose of hot ashes in approved metal container. Use CO2 detector indoors.
Exhaust requirements
If using indoors see extraction section of our technical page
Materials – main body
Stainless steel 304 grade
Materials – charcoal racks
Mild steel
Materials – cooking shelves
Stainless steel 316 grade
Materials – coloured areas
Vitreous (glass) enamel
The Harrison ‘S’

See the Harrison ‘S’ in action

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We offer a live online demo via Zoom exclusively to our professional clients. We do this from our demo kitchen and can tailor it to cover whatever you are particularly interested in seeing. Unfortunately, food cannot be tasted, but it does give clients a good idea of cooking speed and heat/moisture retention. It’s also a great way of firing lots of questions at us. Alternatively, you can visit us at our demo kitchen in Kent.

The Harrison Classic oven with bespoke mustard panels
The Harrison Classic oven with bespoke sage panels
The Harrison Classic oven with bespoke parrot fish panels
The Harrison Classic oven with bespoke borsch panels
The Harrison Classic oven with bespoke fig panels
The Harrison Classic oven with bespoke corten panels

Harrison Bespoke

A collection of colours and finishes to enhance the professional kitchen. Choose from our curated colour range or add your restaurant’s branding to your charcoal oven.

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