Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does a charcoal oven require extraction?

    If outside no, if inside – yes, a powerful/professional extraction unit is required when cooking with any solid-fuel appliance inside. All local authorities have different guidelines, so best talk to an extraction expert before you buy. For advice, we suggest you talk to our extraction partner – David at See our technical page for general guidance.

  • Do you ship internationally?

    Yes, we ship all over the globe door-to-door by air as standard (but we can get quotes for shipping by sea if time is not an issue). Please get in touch with us for a shipping quote.

  • Do you offer leasing or finance options

    Yes, we can offer leasing and finance options through our brokers. Please get in touch and we will refer you.

    Available to limited companies only. Subject to status.

  • Can a Harrison Oven be left outside?

    Yes. All Harrison Ovens are made entirely of stainless steel, so unlike cast-iron ovens, they do not rust. We do recommend covering the oven to protect it from environmental factors like bird droppings or salty air if near the coast. Please see our bespoke covers.

  • Does a Harrison Oven have a warranty?

    Yes, it comes with a three-year warranty for home use and a one-year warranty for professional.

  • Does a Harrison need to be linked to any power sources?

    No, it runs purely on solid fuel (charcoal or wood).

  • Can a Harrison Oven cook on wood?

    Yes, but as wood burns very quickly and produces lots of smoke, we recommend you use a charcoal base and add wood chips once the embers are going strong for a smoked flavour.

  • What charcoal do you recommend?

    We always recommend using 100% sustainable charcoal from local forests. Cheaper/processed charcoals are impure so create lots of smoke and aromas that will go into your food. The best advice is to keep it natural. Please see the fuel section of our technical page for more guidance on fuel.

  • Can a Harrison be used for cold smoking?

    Yes, you can buy a simple cold-smoke generator (labyrinth) online. You just need some wood chips and a tealight candle. Put the generator into the charcoal area of the oven and light the tealight. The smoke will infuse anything you put on the oven shelves.

  • What can go wrong on a Harrison Oven?

    The clever engineering means that the only moving part on a Harrison is the hinge pin, which can be easily removed and cleaned if it gets clogged with fat from time to time. Screws may need tightening occasionally, which can be easily done with a standard Allen key.

  • My Harrison is putting out black smoke, what is the problem?

    The only thing that causes this (apart from bad charcoal) is food left somewhere in the oven cavity – have a good look and clean it off.

  • How long does it take to get up to cooking temperature?

    It usually takes about 30 minutes to get up to 300°C (dependent on ambient temperature).

  • How do you clean a Harrison?

    The best time to clean is when the outer oven is still a bit warm (but not hot) – use a cloth with detergent. If you need to give it a good scrub-down, you can use sandpaper (not advisable on Harrison Classic).

  • Can I have a discount / free oven / ex-display model?

    Like all superior products, Harrison Ovens are made individually by hand to order, using traditional methods and take many weeks to make – they are not your typical catering equipment, so there is no production line and we don’t keep stock or display models.

    As such, we don’t offer freebies or discounts on single oven purchases as you are buying a product that is handmade to last a very long time for a good price (compared to competitors). If you would like to discuss ordering in bulk, please contact us.

    NB: We constantly get asked for free ovens in payment of exposure, but all of our clients have paid full price for their Harrison Oven – even the famous ones!