The Harrison Icon

Launched in June 2019, The Harrison Icon Charcoal Oven is a game-changer in the world of real fire cooking. The Icon has double the capacity of the Harrison ‘S’, but still retains the original kitchen footprint of 600m2

Achieving temperatures of 300oC+, Harrison charcoal ovens offer fast and efficient service while still retaining the moisture and integrity of food. Further to that by having two chambers, The Harrison Icon can offer your business even more:


Incredible Versatility - The ability to cook at two different temperatures

A vent that seperates the chambers can be used to differentiate the heat between them i.e. you can slow-cook a brisket at 100oC in the top chamber, while searing steaks at 3000C in the bottom one.

As a bonus feature, the top chamber enables the bottom chamber to retain intense heat for long periods of time, which means the Icon is even more economical on charcoal than the original Harrison ‘S’, which is said to be the most fuel-efficient charcoal oven on the market.

The Harrison Icon comes with a stainless steel cabinet on wheels, to make transporting it from kitchen to outside space easy. The cabinet contains the ashtray and 4 drawers for utensils.

* Maximum capacity using the floor of the top chamber.

Harrison Icon Charcoal Oven Key Features

Made of pure, stainless steel, giving it a beautifully robust, industrial look along with exposed exterior metalwork bolts and strong, rounded handles. Design details have been thought through for every stage of cooking with a Harrison - from the etching of ‘Harrison’ into the steel floor of the inside doorframe as a bold, emphatic reminder of the calibre of the oven being used; to the two temperature gauges which are reminiscent of the dial seen in a classic plane or car dashboard.


The Harrison Icon Oven Unit Oven Unit



The Harrison 'X' Stainless Cabinet on Wheels

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